Corel Draw: Features And Tips

Corel Corporation’ has recently founded a new editing software called as Corel draw. Because of its extraordinary features the application is rather unique and is a bit interesting too. This application is used all over the world by professionals ever since you might have tried to get some designs dot the first time. The lowest and basic version of this application which I have seen is Corel draw 4 which consisted of a huge gallery of vector also some pre designed templates. This app has also been added up with a plethora of functions and humongous editing functions which will definitely take, you’re designed to a mark that you even have not thought of.

Corel Draw

When we talk about graphics software abode products are always on the pinnacle of the leaning. Adobe Illustrator and Fireworks are one of them which are widely used over the world because of its characteristics. Simply if your skills are very salutary in this field it might not be any issue with you while utilizing this software. The primary idea for getting this application was to give the professionals a new environment for increasing their quality with extraordinary figures. You can discover many features in this application such as transforming, cropping, text rendering, vector creation and hence along. Likewise, there are many other unique characteristics that will oblige you to utilize this app for certain.

One of the most important characteristics that you use in these applications is 2D and 3D shape customization. This is a rather unique feature that you find only in this application. Although it will be viewed in adobe updates also, only the better customization and other effects can be Cleary has seen in this application. Thus, if you are using this app for your appointments and other personal projects also, it will be really comfortable for you to utilize this app. After considering and getting lectures from experts, it has now become an official application. You can also get applications like Kik for PC or even UC browser for PC. Both the app are really famous and highly used on desktop and Windows PC.

You can use Corel draw to do a broad assortment of applications which include web layout designs, PSD template designs, illustrations, info graphics, banners, vectors and other similar graphics as well. Since the file support system of this app is same that of adobe you can easily transfer files from adobe into this app without any hassles. The interface is beneficial and well established. You find all the tools on the left side which is similar to that of adobe only. No question, you can alter the position of tool box too. You will get all the tools in the toolbox itself and as well other tools including brushes, palates options and clipboard are sorted out in other tool boxes.

Minimal system requirements:

There are some prerequisites which you require to know to run this application on your PC.

1. CPU clocked at least 1.5 GHz.
2. For proper operation of this game minimum of 1 GB RAM is required.
3. A minimum of 8 GB of space on your device is required for installation.
4. Any of the windows like 7/8/xp working on 32 bits or even 64 bits.
5.  Screen resolution of minimum 1024×768

How to use Corel Draw App on PC

Firstly download ‘Andyroid’ emulator that is the basic requirement to enjoy this game on your Windows PC as the game is not yet launched officially.

  • Download & install it for free from official site.
  • Open ‘Andyroid’ emulator and search Corel Draw in the App Playstore.
  • After finding it, simply download and install the app.
  • Now enjoy the app ‘Corel draw.

It is quite easy to enjoy corel draw on your PC without spending too much money. Of course, you’d not be able to enjoy the PC version benefits as this is a mobile version. However, you will still be able to enjoy it to the core.

Best Places In India For New Year’s Eve

As the New Year is coming around the corner and so are the holidays. Many people plan spending their holidays with their friends and families not at their home but out of their hometown. Many people love travelling and explore new places and enjoy their every New Year there.

New Years Eve

There are so many places which are worth watching and looks entirely different during New Years’ time. Some are famous for their beaches, some for hills and trekking while some are famous for their religion.  So here are some suggestion on some best places in India where you can go and make lifetime memories.


With the cheap as well as an expensive booze and cool breeze and the fresh smell of the beaches at every few meters, Goa is an ideal place for spending your New Year’s Eve. If that is a little less for you, then Goa doesn’t disappoints you, it has a lot more from wide range of bio-diversity to expensive hotels to casinos to umpteen food choices and numerous party places to visit.


The union territory surrounded by river, lending cultural and architectural elements from its French lineage, is still very Indian at heart. It consists of many spas and places for self-relaxation. The variety of restaurants, the steak and wine, just add to its natural alluring.

Gokarna – Karnataka:

This place is good and is known for Beach, Secluded, Peaceful and Cheap accommodations. Situated on the cost of Karnataka, Gokarna is famous for to things, this place is a Hindu pilgrimage centre, i.e. it is a home to Lord Mahabaleshwara and it is also a paradise for beach lovers.

Gangtok – Sikkim:

Gangtok is best known for Hills, Trekking, Natural beauty and Buddhism. Situated at an altitude of 5410 feet, Gangtok  (meaning “Hill Top”) is aptly named so. Coupled with its beautiful sunset and dawn views and its clean surroundings, this small town is also called the “Switzerland of the East”. Trekkers and mountain lovers, do look out for Kanchenjunga, the 3rd highest peak in the world. Now, imagine spending your New Year’s Eve in a place with such beauty.

McLeodganj, Himachal Pradesh:

This place is known for its beautiful hills, trekking and for some religious beliefs. The headquarters of the Tibetan government in exile, McLeodganj boasts some amazing sightseeing places, food cafés and unique Tibetan souvenirs. A mix of cultures, Mcleodganj is the residence of the 14th Dalai Lama and famous of the Bhagsunath temple. Shiva cafe, a small trek near the temple is recommended. Mcleodganj is a great option if you are looking to spend your New Year’s Eve in a peaceful place with a different culture and amazing scenery all around.

Manali, Himachal Pradesh:

This place is known for adventure sports, hills, and hippies. Manali is the Indian favorite for witnessing snowfalls and for skiing. Full of pine trees, fruit orchids and hippies, it’s an ideal place for people who want to end their new year on a high, both literally and figuratively.

Christmas And It’s importance

Why do we celebrate Christmas? Why is Christmas so important?

A few assume that Jesus Christ was born on 25th December & hence the day is celebrated as Christmas. However nobody is aware of the facts that bible has mentioned. The history says, the old churches actually did not celebrate the birthday of Christ. The only way of recognition was the next century after Christ was being ascended to heaven. There was no specific date connected.


As per the history, it is believed that the Americans celebrated his birthday on January 6th. It is believed that Christ was born on January 6th. With years, Roman Emperor declared 25th December to be Christ’s birthday. This was declared in 336 A.D & the main reason behind this was political pressure.

A lot of zealous members of the church urged the decree. With Christmas comes the existence of Santa Claus. It is still believed that Santa Claus enters home on the Christmas night with presents. However this concept came from the Norse who believed that goddess Hertha appeared on the Christmas and brought happiness, & luck for the people.

Santa Claus came along with an equally interesting history that added up to the Christmas season. However it is not just the Santa Claus that makes the Christmas story important and interesting. There are many additional things.

Talking about the Christmas celebrations in Church, there are still a lot of traditions followed which include candlelight vigils, hymns that are sung by children, special readings, native scenes, sharing christmas wishes and lots of greenery. Christmas is a joyous time and an advent season for the believers who thank god for the mercy & infinite love. If you would want to know more about Christmas celebrations visit!

It’s a time for worship, selling and buying   of gifts, public and private gatherings and historical traditions and customs. The returns of these celebrations in the form of blessing are worth celebrating year after year. It’s a day that gets along everyone together by sharing the joy of love, setting nice stories that are worthy to be emphasized by everyone.

Looking from the other perspective, Christmas is not joyful for a few. They don’t have enough money to present their dear ones. A few are saddened who cannot have their closed ones with them for the festive. Festivals are meant to share joys and every occasion gets along everyone one of them together. We then become the kids of god & he takes care of the world.

Online Purchasing Of Diwali Gifts – A Perfect Method To Save Time

The crowd in the shops for shopping for Diwali is something that makes the entire process very much tough in the field. Under such condition, the online shopping is something which is a perfect solution of the situation. The shopping online makes the user or the person ease out his pressure, as he is then not to push the crowd at the shops for buying products and stand in the queue for making the payment for the product.

Diwali Gifts

The online purchase now is also a safe method as there is an option to pay after the product is received and moreover there is another great option to check the product after the product is received and get the deal back.

On spot purchase

The purchase of products can easily be done from the online stores and that can be dealt with easy selection. The online store and the profiling are very much easy to be managed. The profile helps the person to get the products easily and get the cart support on every product. One can also provide the email address and the contact number in the profile to maintain a balance in the verification method of a product sent by them. The profile is the best support for making the online purchases.

The categorization of the products is also made in a more organized way and thus the user can easily make a choice by going through the category view. There are some categorizations or the sub-categorization under the broad categories which can be checked with user interface. The users can easily surf the site for narrowing the search with price and brand.

Variable Payment options

There are variable payment options in those online websites which one can avail easily and can get most out of it. The first option is the payment by the use of debit card, the second is the use of credit card and also the use of the EMI option with credit card, the third option is to use the internet banking option and the fourth one is to use the cash on delivery option. There is also the process of payment by redeeming a gift coupon or a discount coupon in those websites and thus is very much easy for Diwali shopping. The payment options of the sites are so flexible that anyone can make the payment easily with a basic knowledge about the internet payment structure.

Easy Product Checking

The product found after the delivery can be checked easily and can be easily is exchanges also. The product, one is buying has not seen the product by the physical eyes or physical touches. Thus the product is to be seen at the time of the delivery and can be checked within 20 days from the date of delivery. If anything wrong comes out of there or any wrong product is delivered, then the product can be altered with a new one or one can get the money back. The pickup service at that time is given by the web store administrative body itself.

Enhancing The Lives Of Creative Professionals Through Vimeo

Vimeo is touted as one of the best video sharing platforms for the highly professionals and the novices alike. There are several features that are made available for the free account as well and if someone is looking for features like HD playback along with SD then they can easily opt for the basic account without paying anything extra.


Many compare use this platform with that of YouTube, but these two platforms are quite different from each other in terms of number of audiences and also the quality of audiences. Then, even the qualities of the video that are uploaded are quite different from each other. Vimeo boasts of quality and professionalism whereas the platform of YouTube believes in quantity. you can buy youtube likes to get more popular.

When the audience of Vimeo will be busy in providing constructive feedback the comments below the YouTube video will make no sense mostly. YouTube has been in the business for a while so it knows its business very well as compared to that of Vimeo which has come into the market a few years back.

YouTube has been generating its revenue with the help of ads that keep popping up every now and then making it impossible for you to concentrate on the message that you are viewing but Vimeo restricts itself from the indulgence of generating revenue from the ads. Therefore, you can watch your video without any interruption. Also unlike YouTube, you can buy vimeo views easily.

Making the videos fit for Vimeo

When you are trying to upload your videos on Vimeo you have to make sure that it obliges the Vimeo specifications. You can make your video, adjust to the specifications by compressing the video with the help of various tools that are available online.

All this done to make sure that you have enough storage space and at the end you don’t run out of space. In order to help you with compression there are various settings available which will get you the right specification for the Vimeo clip.

You can use any available software for video editing and there you will have to adjust to the video settings so that you can export the final video from the editing timeline. You will have to prepare video for Vimeo uploading by matching the upload specifications of Vimeo. You can also make use of compression software to get it to right size otherwise it will not be a success.

Accepting videos with changes

SD as well as HD videos is accepted on Vimeo and in here you will find different specifications for the compression of these two types of videos. H.264 encoder of video can be used to create the most amazing quality video with the smallest file size.

This codec is an open source one therefore it seems compatible with most compression programs or the editing programs as well. There are various settings that you need to take care if you want to get to the right size before uploading the video on Vimeo. Go through the specifications and make the video suitable for Vimeo.

Top Three Gadgets For SEO Professionals

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a web marketing technique that helps websites ranked higher than the other sites by the search engines. It is very important for your website to get listed on the top as only the top listed websites are considered as more relevant when compared to those on the last.

SEO helps your website get noticed by the search engines. Each search engine has its own website ranking criteria. The SEO studies all the different criteria so that your website is top listed in almost every search engine. Let’s take a look at the top list of gadgets for SEO professionals.

Gadgets For SEO

How Does an SEO Work?

An SEO studies the several activities of search engines. These activities are named as Crawling, Indexing, Processing, Calculating Relevancy and Retrieving. It also studies the limitations of the search engines. SEO helps optimize the pages to help the already efficient search engine index and classify the pages to get high rankings.

While searching for results the search engines calculate relevancy of the millions of pages using various algorithms to know keyword density or links. Each search engine considers a few of the various algorithms. So each engine shows a different list. It also changes the algorithms periodically. SEO devotes more efforts on studying this aspect of the search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc and help the websites keep updating the content.

Three of the SEO Professionals’ Gadgets are:

1) Similar Page Checker

You have a website with content on a particular subject. There could be websites on the Internet with similar content. Even the pages in your own website can carry similar content. This generally happens with the pages of dynamic product catalog. Similar Page Checker tool checks the percentage of similarity of content in different websites and in your own website. It also recognizes the paragraphs and lines that can be changed to minimize the similarity.

2) Search Engine Spider Simulator

Not being humans, the search engines are only text driven. Those are not intelligent enough to feel the creatively and beautifully designed websites and notice the movements and sounds. The java scripts, flash movies, frames, password-protected pages and directories go unnoticed.  By running the Spider Simulator the users can know if the spider can view all these features. This tool simulates a search engine which displays the flash based content, java script, images, sound and movie files that are get unnoticed by the search engine because of its limitations. The hyperlinks are also displayed by the Search Engine Spider Simulator. The search engine followed the hyperlinks.

3) Backlink Builder

One of the most important factors that help your website ranked higher is the presence of quality backlinks. This is given a top consideration in Search Engine Optimization. The tool called Backlink Builder creates potential backlinks with the websites with the same theme as yours. It also searches for “Add link” or “Add site” or “Add URL” or “Add article” or “Submit URL”, etc., or in multiple combinations of these key phrases of the specified websites.

HostGator – Making The Right Web Hosting Selection

Web hosting service helps you in making your website appear online for people to view it. So basically everything that is related with the managing of the servers, the software related to it, security, bandwidth, speed or support is the work of a web hosting service. In order to serve the customers well the web hosting services also have several data centers which help in serving the web hosting purposes.

But before you go ahead with the web hosting services you have to decide on the domain name. Domain name is your online identity so when you are going to select it you have to do it very carefully so that the customers instantaneously connect with you. Another important thing that you have to take into account while selecting the domain name is your domain name must be simple enough for people to remember it at one go. Read Hostgator Hosting Review, before getting hosting from hostgator.

There may be different types of web hosting but the fact is that not all web hosting is suitable for all types of businesses or requirements of the users. If you are a very big business, then shared hosting will definitely won’t work on your favor, therefore making the right selection is important.

HostGator Hosting

Different ways of enjoying trouble free service

If you are selecting HostGator then you will enjoy trouble free services along with proper guidance and with HostGator coupons you will enjoy reduced pricing as well. The free website builder available for the users of HostGator web hosting services will help them to build the website on their own. If you do not have the knowledge of building and designing the website then it is natural that you will be seeking an expert help.

But the problem with them is that the web designers charge you hefty amount which is not at all welcomed if you are a small business so what you can do is to take the help of web hosting service’s feature and build a website which has a professional look to it.

The website builder has various templates to help their users with the designing of their websites. The trickiest part is to build an e-commerce website, but with HostGator’s website builder guideline you can also build that like a pro. You can build your website as per your preference with the scroll down and image display wherever you want.

Coupons help in achieving the desired

Discount coupons are always welcomed and when it is from your web hosting services then it widens your smile even more. Now the HostGator coupon code will provide you with discount options on the plan you select. There are other coupons too which will help you in getting a subscription free for one month or you can select some options which are otherwise not included in the plan.

So the coupons are basically for providing better services to the customers and making them happy and satisfied. It is easier for you to retain happy customers and they are the one who will be spreading the word of mouth and bringing in new customers as well.

Achieving Most Number Of LinkedIn Followers

Through LinkedIn you can share or influence or attract or educate the target audience of yours, but all these will only be made possible if they choose to be your followers. Honestly, if you want your target audience to start following you then you need to take that initiative first otherwise you won’t have any follower. LinkedIn is all about making the connection with the right people because here the whole outlook is professional and due to this the messages that are posted in here is also professional.

There are LinkedIn webinars held from time to time to make its users aware of what it takes to get the most out of this platform. Whether it is good to buy LinkedIn followers or not is also answered in all these webinars. Some feel that buying the followers are of no use because the accounts that follows you through this are fake accounts and there are several tools available to figure out these fake accounts immediately.

LinkedIn Followers

Make your target audience follow you naturally

If you are not buying followers instead want to get them naturally then the first thing that you need to do is place a follow button for your LinkedIn Company on your blog as well. By doing so, the person who follows your blog will also visit your LinkedIn sites as well. Then you can also ask your target audience to follow you by sending them email alerts or newsletter stating that you are now present on LinkedIn as well.

If you do not take the initiative of letting the people know that you are present online, then how are they going to follow you? Moreover, you have to come up with something interesting that will be unique to the LinkedIn profile only so that you can get the audience attracted to your LinkedIn profile page.

The Importance of involving employees

If you involve your employees and ask them to follow the company page and also make sure that they come up with the name of the company in their personal profile as well under the current employer name then you will be getting a huge opening. Educate your employees about how to use the platform in order to widen the reach of the company.

In order to achieve that you can teach your employees to link their signature to the company page. Ask your employees to like and share status updates that the company pages makes. This will ensure that more and more people will view the updates and through this there are chances that you will get more followers to your company profile as well. You can also buy linkedin connections, endorsements, recommendations etc. So when you have a treasure of followers in your own company only, then why not explore them first before you go elsewhere.

You can mention the link of your LinkedIn profile on other social networking sites that you are part of so the follower of that platform will also follow you in here too. Another important engagement that you can try is following other companies and interacting with them.

How To Promote Your Track Successfully on Soundcloud?

When it comes to marketing your music, Soundcloud is the best platform. It is a highly developing community of music fans making it the right place for budding musicians as well as professionals. With the right Soundcloud promotion, you can share your tracks, create excellent designs, and socialize with other users in an easy and effective way possible. To facilitate a remarkable growth and huge fan following, buying Soundcloud plays at is a great choice.

SoundCloud Promotion

Benefits of Soundcloud Promotion

With the internet being a driving force in the music world now, creating a niche for your music online will augur well for your career.  To help you in this effort, your profile should be made prominent. Having a high number of plays for your track will have remarkable effects on your brand promotion and exposure. When you promote your track efficiently at Soundcloud, you can

  • Establish a strong presence online
  • Increase your profit margin considerably
  • Get a wider reach for your label

If you want your label to stand out among the rest, building a proper website, linking with other blogs and labels, and becoming popular online are necessary. Buying Soundcloud plays at is an excellent way to carve a niche for your brand.

Give a Boost to Your Brand

A significant benefit you see with the internet is the freedom of posting anything and everything on the social networking sites. But this can also be a drawback with the competition being huge.  To counter this, you need to exhibit your brand in a way that gives it an edge over the others. Use of Soundcloud tags is a good way to enable this. Tags are in essence the concepts that are linked to your post. When a visitor searches for the concept, he will be led to your track. But assigning these tags should be done with care. For a tag to be effective, you need to consider

  • The audience you want to attract
  • Utilizing the terms that are commonly in use in relation to music

When you get a maximum number of hits, your visibility is increased considerably. Further collaboration with other artists helps you share the fan base of each other thus increasing the followers greatly. For the right recognition and visibility, you can always draw ideas from

Objective of Enhanced Soundcloud Promotion

With the right Soundcloud strategy in place, promoting your label will be a walk in the park. Basically, promotion has two main goals which include developing the right skills to boost your music quality and being a unique brand among the millions of music artists present. Possessing the needed skills to create top quality music is an important criterion. This will display your talent favorably, and the streaming of your track on the internet will create awareness about the quality you excel at. At mediamister, you will find excellent offers that help promote your track on Soundcloud.

Music marketing on the internet when handled effectively will give a big break for you. Buying Soundcloud plays at is a reliable way to achieve this. Increasing your audience and becoming a big name in the music world is a reachable target when you follow the right method.

Advantages of Android Rooting

Android rooting is the trending topic among the gadget freaks. It removes off all the restrictions and provides the user access to all applications that carry limited access. Simply, android rooting transforms the user experience and makes the gain super-user access in the android devices. The users can take complete control over their devices including the in-built operating system of the device.

While rooting the android phones gained welcoming approach among the users, manufacturers oppose this process and do not welcome this process. Android rooting is enabled by a special program called SWITCH USER, SU. This helps rooting the device, altering the drivers and updating OS.

Android Rooting Advantages

In spite of disapproval from the manufactures, rooting the android devices has many advantages. They are enumerated below.

Customized device

Unlike other OS, android platform is not bound by the originality. The facility to customize the device according the various needs make it more functions and enhances the user experience. The device can be customized using the rooting and with rooting process, the user gets the complete access and control over system files applications, and other in-built files. You can alter, delete, remove or add any number of files and apps you want. For instance, adding new language support, themes, directly saving apps to the SD card, instantly updating the new versions, etc.

Easy backup and restore

Rooting makes data back and data restore an easy task. The users can back-up the data of the entire device image directly into an SD card, which facilitates easy data restore whenever needed. This facility helps the android users to try out various OS on the phone. For instance, if you find an interesting and modified version of an OS in the market, you can try it without worry of losing the data on your phone. You can simply backup the data, install new OS. If you are not happy with the new OS, you can remove it and restore the old data image on your phone.

Disk Space

Disk space is a major concern for many android users. Owing to plenty of interesting apps, many times the users are not satisfied with the storage limit. To overcome this limitation, you can simply move the data and apps to a movable SD. Most of the android apps can be moved SD card which provides sufficient disk space.

Rooting is essential

Rooting is an essential process to harness the functions of some android apps. Some apps carry administrator level permission to use it. In addition, rooting the device is important to under clock or over clock the device. Without rooting, special functions of an android phone cannot be discovered and it limits the access.

Rooting is versatile

Rooting is not just for gadget freaks who wanted to tryout everything and explore the android OS. Rather, it can be used even for simple things like updating OS or trying out new OS! From simple tweaks to advanced control over the android phone, rooting an android device covers various aspects.

However, as a word of caution, remember to root your device diligently to avoid making your phone totally unusable.

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