Odin downloads for ROM Flashing any Samsung Android Device

Odin is a Flashing tool based on windows ROM for Samsung android device. It is one of the popular apps used for Custom ROM, kernels, and etc. on Samsung devices. Odin 3.12.3 is the recent version of Odin and using Odin you can flash all Samsung devices. No need of special or expert knowledge to use this Samsung Odin. Connect your Odin tool by phone to PC through USB cable. When rooting your device using the Odin move to Odin download folder in your computer and open it. Check the box for Auto reboot and click the ROM file flashing.
The following are the important things you should know before Odin download:

  • Take a backup of your device.
  • Download latest Odin version which available at that time.
  • Update with Samsung USB driver.
  • From the website available download ADB Fastboot.
  • Use correct USB cable to connect your android device.
  • To run Odin use desktop with windows.
  • Install all the Odin Samsung in the list.

Features of Odin are listed below:

Flash custom Recovery: Only on Samsung android device Odin allow for flash custom recovery.
Flash custom kernel: Flash custom kernel only runs on Samsung device which tweaks your android devices
Root your device: Auto Root by CF allows you to root your android device through Odin. After rooting your android device which allows you to customize your android device.
Flash Stock ROM: When it gets stuck while rooting or anything went wrong on your phone. Then Odin helps to flash your stock firmware.

Using Odin, you can also root Samsung galaxy s duos android phone easily.

Tips to Avoid Negative Marking in IBPS Exam

Negative Marking is the concept that found most among all competitive exams and according to that concept you will get – 0.25 mark for each wrong answer, this 0.25 is only for IBPS and it varies for other exams. Because of this negative mark concept most candidates got failed and lose their opportunity to get jobs.

Tips to avoid Negative marking in IBPS Exam

So here are some effective tips that are suggest by best Bank Exam Coaching Center in Chennai to avoid negative marks while taking IBPS and other Bank related competitive exams.

Neglect Unsure Questions At First:

Read the question paper thoroughly before going to start writing the exam and note down the unsure question that are unknown to you. First find the answers for all known question and then guess the total marks you will get for those finished questions. After that just answer the very small portion in the unsure question that are required to score the total cutoff mark.

Answering all unsure questions will waste your time and as well as your marks so don’t answers those questions in high. Answer all known question at first and then come to unsure question, otherwise you got confused and distracted from your focus.

Be Careful While Copying the Values in QA:

You need to workout in a rough sheet to find answers for the QA (data interpretation) questions and most candidates copy the values that are given in the question wrongly, hence that can lead to wrong solutions. So be careful while copying the values.

Do Guessworks with Some Logic:

Attempt the unknown questions with some logic guesswork, but if you are new to some concept then it is better to avoid attempting those questions. If you are a fresher for IBPS exams then it is best join in Best Institute for Bank Exams in Chennai.

Taxi in India: Safety Tips for Passengers

Taxis are getting more popular in recent years especially in India for its speed and more comfortable. So you can find many taxis easily from everywhere in India and here are some safety tips for those who are new for taxi travelling.


  • Avoid wearing costlier jewelleries and taking high amount of cash during taxi travel to make yourself safe, because thefting cash and jewelleries are the commonly occurred major issue among the taxi passengers or it is best to catch cabs by booking it with some available app for booking and taxi fare comparison.
  • Some of the taxis are not available for ride after 9.00 or 10.00 pm so if you tend to get a taxi after that time make sure that your taxi drive is not taking any drugs and if yes it is best to avoid those taxis.
  • Don’t speak out your important details like your credit card details, bank account details, phone number, savings and more.
  • Night travelling is such an amazing thing that everyone wants to do but it is not a best option for women when they are alone. So girls, avoid night travelling and if you are not supposed to avoid the travel then save the local police station number or a friend number in that local area.
  • It is not a wise option to have some important documents always with you that includes your license, passport, voter id and more.
  • It is must to check the working condition of taximeter as many drivers set their taximeters to heat up quickly to earn money.
  • To avoid these problems it is best to book taxis from the professional rental cab providers. Make use of taxi comparison app like Cabto to book those cabs and for taxi fare comparison.
  • Hope this article will help you to make your taxi ride as a safer one.