Advantages of Android Rooting

Android rooting is the trending topic among the gadget freaks. It removes off all the restrictions and provides the user access to all applications that carry limited access. Simply, android rooting transforms the user experience and makes the gain super-user access in the android devices. The users can take complete control over their devices including the in-built operating system of the device.

While rooting the android phones gained welcoming approach among the users, manufacturers oppose this process and do not welcome this process. Android rooting is enabled by a special program called SWITCH USER, SU. This helps rooting the device, altering the drivers and updating OS.

Android Rooting Advantages

In spite of disapproval from the manufactures, rooting the android devices has many advantages. They are enumerated below.

Customized device

Unlike other OS, android platform is not bound by the originality. The facility to customize the device according the various needs make it more functions and enhances the user experience. The device can be customized using the rooting and with rooting process, the user gets the complete access and control over system files applications, and other in-built files. You can alter, delete, remove or add any number of files and apps you want. For instance, adding new language support, themes, directly saving apps to the SD card, instantly updating the new versions, etc.

Easy backup and restore

Rooting makes data back and data restore an easy task. The users can back-up the data of the entire device image directly into an SD card, which facilitates easy data restore whenever needed. This facility helps the android users to try out various OS on the phone. For instance, if you find an interesting and modified version of an OS in the market, you can try it without worry of losing the data on your phone. You can simply backup the data, install new OS. If you are not happy with the new OS, you can remove it and restore the old data image on your phone.

Disk Space

Disk space is a major concern for many android users. Owing to plenty of interesting apps, many times the users are not satisfied with the storage limit. To overcome this limitation, you can simply move the data and apps to a movable SD. Most of the android apps can be moved SD card which provides sufficient disk space.

Rooting is essential

Rooting is an essential process to harness the functions of some android apps. Some apps carry administrator level permission to use it. In addition, rooting the device is important to under clock or over clock the device. Without rooting, special functions of an android phone cannot be discovered and it limits the access.

Rooting is versatile

Rooting is not just for gadget freaks who wanted to tryout everything and explore the android OS. Rather, it can be used even for simple things like updating OS or trying out new OS! From simple tweaks to advanced control over the android phone, rooting an android device covers various aspects.

However, as a word of caution, remember to root your device diligently to avoid making your phone totally unusable.