Filter(ing) Your Product In Instagram

A photograph speaks a thousand words ,they say . And a photograph taken from the right angle ,with the right amount of light speaks volumes for itself.

Instagram is all about pictures.  Whatever business happens and takes place , is all through the medium of pictures and videos. The key to good marketing is to present your product in such a way that it appeals to the eyes and such that the potential customer just can’t refuse.

Instagram Filters

Filter Up:

Instagram has filters which make your picture look filtered and beautiful. It gives a different feel and vibe to the pictures. Instagram has around 20 filters all of which help you transform pictures beautifully. People carrying about and conducting their business ventures on Insta make their pictures look visually appealing so that they get followers and increase the exposure of their business.

Don’t make your life seem boring by just putting up pictures at the workplace in boring ,drab colors.
People are not interested in boring visuals , they want colorful visual treats. Upload pictures which take the focus away from the boring workplace and also from your brand for some time. Filters enhance your images. Instagram also has the blur and the brightness option. Use these to make pictures look wonderful.

Most Sought After Filters:

A survey conducted earlier this year shows that 59 percent of the leading brands of the world are now active on instagram. These brands use Instagram to reach out to a large number of people worldwide. They put up pictures using filters and sometimes no filter images are also used.

Lo-fi is the most sought after for filtered images. It is also used by at least 14 percent of the brands covered in the survey. Valencia comes next (This one is a personal favorite of many). 12 percent of the leading international brands use Valencia when they upload their filtered images.

The 3rd most sought after filter used by business ventures and international brands to GET A FOLLOWER is Risen. This is also used by 12 percent of the brands. Valencia and Rise are on the same wavelength. Both being used by 12 percent of the brands. But Valencia is comparatively much better than Rise. It completely changes the picture and makes it look totally different and adds the wow factor to the picture. Buy instagram followers and make your instagram profile more visible among your fans.

Amaro, Hudson and Sierra are the next most often used filters after Rise. For a brand to get noticed and get followers , it is important to put up beautiful and colorful images. It is not always necessary to filter your images. If you have taken an excellent shot , then there is no need to filter the image. No filter images can also be uploaded.

Marketing your brand by using filtered images will surely get you brownie points. Filter those images up and proudly market your brand to glory.