Enhancing The Lives Of Creative Professionals Through Vimeo

Vimeo is touted as one of the best video sharing platforms for the highly professionals and the novices alike. There are several features that are made available for the free account as well and if someone is looking for features like HD playback along with SD then they can easily opt for the basic account without paying anything extra.


Many compare use this platform with that of YouTube, but these two platforms are quite different from each other in terms of number of audiences and also the quality of audiences. Then, even the qualities of the video that are uploaded are quite different from each other. Vimeo boasts of quality and professionalism whereas the platform of YouTube believes in quantity. you can buy youtube likes to get more popular.

When the audience of Vimeo will be busy in providing constructive feedback the comments below the YouTube video will make no sense mostly. YouTube has been in the business for a while so it knows its business very well as compared to that of Vimeo which has come into the market a few years back.

YouTube has been generating its revenue with the help of ads that keep popping up every now and then making it impossible for you to concentrate on the message that you are viewing but Vimeo restricts itself from the indulgence of generating revenue from the ads. Therefore, you can watch your video without any interruption. Also unlike YouTube, you can buy vimeo views easily.

Making the videos fit for Vimeo

When you are trying to upload your videos on Vimeo you have to make sure that it obliges the Vimeo specifications. You can make your video, adjust to the specifications by compressing the video with the help of various tools that are available online.

All this done to make sure that you have enough storage space and at the end you don’t run out of space. In order to help you with compression there are various settings available which will get you the right specification for the Vimeo clip.

You can use any available software for video editing and there you will have to adjust to the video settings so that you can export the final video from the editing timeline. You will have to prepare video for Vimeo uploading by matching the upload specifications of Vimeo. You can also make use of compression software to get it to right size otherwise it will not be a success.

Accepting videos with changes

SD as well as HD videos is accepted on Vimeo and in here you will find different specifications for the compression of these two types of videos. H.264 encoder of video can be used to create the most amazing quality video with the smallest file size.

This codec is an open source one therefore it seems compatible with most compression programs or the editing programs as well. There are various settings that you need to take care if you want to get to the right size before uploading the video on Vimeo. Go through the specifications and make the video suitable for Vimeo.