Christmas And It’s importance

Why do we celebrate Christmas? Why is Christmas so important?

A few assume that Jesus Christ was born on 25th December & hence the day is celebrated as Christmas. However nobody is aware of the facts that bible has mentioned. The history says, the old churches actually did not celebrate the birthday of Christ. The only way of recognition was the next century after Christ was being ascended to heaven. There was no specific date connected.


As per the history, it is believed that the Americans celebrated his birthday on January 6th. It is believed that Christ was born on January 6th. With years, Roman Emperor declared 25th December to be Christ’s birthday. This was declared in 336 A.D & the main reason behind this was political pressure.

A lot of zealous members of the church urged the decree. With Christmas comes the existence of Santa Claus. It is still believed that Santa Claus enters home on the Christmas night with presents. However this concept came from the Norse who believed that goddess Hertha appeared on the Christmas and brought happiness, & luck for the people.

Santa Claus came along with an equally interesting history that added up to the Christmas season. However it is not just the Santa Claus that makes the Christmas story important and interesting. There are many additional things.

Talking about the Christmas celebrations in Church, there are still a lot of traditions followed which include candlelight vigils, hymns that are sung by children, special readings, native scenes, sharing christmas wishes and lots of greenery. Christmas is a joyous time and an advent season for the believers who thank god for the mercy & infinite love. If you would want to know more about Christmas celebrations visit!

It’s a time for worship, selling and buying   of gifts, public and private gatherings and historical traditions and customs. The returns of these celebrations in the form of blessing are worth celebrating year after year. It’s a day that gets along everyone together by sharing the joy of love, setting nice stories that are worthy to be emphasized by everyone.

Looking from the other perspective, Christmas is not joyful for a few. They don’t have enough money to present their dear ones. A few are saddened who cannot have their closed ones with them for the festive. Festivals are meant to share joys and every occasion gets along everyone one of them together. We then become the kids of god & he takes care of the world.