How to write SEO friendly Blog post to get more organic traffic?

To get higher ranking in a search engine to optimize your blog posts. These are an Off-page technique in SEO with content for high rank in your post without a backlink. The following are some of a technique to write SEO friendly Blog posts. An individual can’t do a guest blog for their blog to get a reputation. But SEO expert in Bangalore is doing a blog post with niche related website to get more reputation for your blog.
The following 2 steps should know before blog post. They are

  • If your content in the blog is worthless, then your blog not able to rank high in search engine.
  • If you have a longer post, then you got a better chance to rank your website in search engine.

The following are 5 important steps to optimize blog posts.

Title Tag: When you are writing a long post then you have to divide it into sub-categories to comfort your blog readers. You can break down your blog content and use title tag in your article post. The title tags are h1, h2, h3, etc. The H1 tag is taken as title tag and other tags for your content.
Meta description: It is a small description about your article title which appears below your title. This is one of the important functions in search engine ranking.
Write naturally: write your article content naturally by knowing the targeted keyword and with 15 to 20 LSI keywords. Use the LSI keyword when start writing an article.
Internal Links: Whenever you are writing an article for your blog add a link in it. This link helps the crawlers to crawl your website. Add an internal link which is related to your article.
Outgoing links: The article for your blog should be more than 2000 words. It will give you link to your resource and provide more information.
SEO service in Bangalore is doing the blog post in a better way to get more reputation for your blog.