Mehendi Is Not Just A Natural Dye

Mehendi is quite frequently used by the women, especially in the subcontinent.Mehendi is basically a natural dye that is used occasionally. Earlier Mehendi was frequently used by the women for more than one purpose. The most prominent purpose for which Mehendi is used these days is deigning, the designing of Mehendi is an art and need lots of practice.


Uses Of Mehendi:

In the Indian subcontinent Mehendi is used not just for making the designs, but there are other useful advantages of Mehendi as well. But as far as the designing of the Mehendi is concerned, it is an art performed with the help of the hands.  Mehendi designs are not just restricted to hands only; there are many other parts of the body on which the Mehendi can be applied and more importantly with the artistic designs.

There are two options with Mehendi designs, Mehendi can be applied with the help of someone having the skills or you can do it by yourself.  In both cases the difference could be the perfection in design. The Mehendi designing is purely an art that is why women normally prefer to take the services from a person that has skills in designing. Interested fact about Mehendi is that it can be applied in a number of ways. The composition of the Mehendi is one of the major parts that have an effect on the  overall result of the design. The designing of Mehendi is directly concerned with the quality as well.

Mehendi is basically a paste. The paste can be made using the water and the Mehendi powder. But the quality of the powder will determine that how much dark it can be after it gets dry. When Mehendiis applied on to the body, it should be allowed to get dry for some time. The water content from the paste dries away, leaving behind Mehendi only.  Mehendi is a type of dye that can get highlighted onto your skin. Once you see that the paste is dried off, you can remove the paste anytime you want.

Naturally Mehendi is not only useful with the designs only; there are some advantages as well. As Mehendi is obtained from natural plants and leaves, it can be applied to hairs, nails and skin also. The purpose of having designs on hands and the feet’s is not only the beauty that it can offer a fresher skin.  There are some additions that can be done along with the water. Normally a design on the hands or the feet can last for only a week or so. But if you want to make a design that can last longer than a week you can add lemon juice to the paste as well.