Two Functional SEO Tricks You Can Use Freely

Every webmaster longs for better SEO. And you are probably desperate to achieve better SEO for your site. This is not a difficult matter if you already know a thing or two about search engine optimization. It could be that you lack time or knowledge to optimize your website. In such a case you have two solutions:

SEO Tricks

First you can take the matter in your hands and learn SEO. Alternatively, you could look for a suitable SEO specialist on the internet and hire them. Either way you will need a strategy that can work for your website.  Organic search engine optimization is the key thing to aim for.  Even if you end up hiring some company the goal should be to get organic SEO from it. It allows you to gain natural links that cannot be de-indexed by Google. Other suitable methods you can use include the following.

Create a blog for your site

When choosing the best blogging platform you must focus on content management system as well.  WordPress is the best blogging platform that can also be used as a CMS for the entire site. There is no cost for switching to WordPress as it is a totally free open-source platform. It provides numerous plug-ins that can save you a lot of time, money and energy. Run by the WordPress community, WordPress has every feature you would want to do DIY SEO with. If you want alternatives, you can choose either Drupal or Joomla. They are free Content Management Systems too, provided by open-source community. They have a wide range of plug-ins to make do-it-yourself SEO possible and simpler.

Update your Blog often

A company blog is much recommended by most search engine optimizers.  But having a blog is one thing and updating it with fresh content another one altogether. You should plan your time carefully in order to get enough time to update your company blog at least once per week. Ensure that you write keyword rich content that is also suitable and relevant to humans. When your readers appreciate your site content you will know it.

They will click some of the social media buttons located above or below the article in order to share it with friends. They will also write positive comments supporting your ideas and contributing others. The best blog content is accompanied by either videos or images or both. Some readers are just more comfortable watching or viewing than reading.  Ensure that you link to other posts across the web and to other pages of your site in your articles.

Links to Internal areas of your site

Although you might be using a content management system that will automatically link to the internal pages of your site, you might want to link manually from your home page. Cross-linking is always encouraged and effective.