Tips to Avoid Negative Marking in IBPS Exam

Negative Marking is the concept that found most among all competitive exams and according to that concept you will get – 0.25 mark for each wrong answer, this 0.25 is only for IBPS and it varies for other exams. Because of this negative mark concept most candidates got failed and lose their opportunity to get jobs.

Tips to avoid Negative marking in IBPS Exam

So here are some effective tips that are suggest by best Bank Exam Coaching Center in Chennai to avoid negative marks while taking IBPS and other Bank related competitive exams.

Neglect Unsure Questions At First:

Read the question paper thoroughly before going to start writing the exam and note down the unsure question that are unknown to you. First find the answers for all known question and then guess the total marks you will get for those finished questions. After that just answer the very small portion in the unsure question that are required to score the total cutoff mark.

Answering all unsure questions will waste your time and as well as your marks so don’t answers those questions in high. Answer all known question at first and then come to unsure question, otherwise you got confused and distracted from your focus.

Be Careful While Copying the Values in QA:

You need to workout in a rough sheet to find answers for the QA (data interpretation) questions and most candidates copy the values that are given in the question wrongly, hence that can lead to wrong solutions. So be careful while copying the values.

Do Guessworks with Some Logic:

Attempt the unknown questions with some logic guesswork, but if you are new to some concept then it is better to avoid attempting those questions. If you are a fresher for IBPS exams then it is best join in Best Institute for Bank Exams in Chennai.

Taxi in India: Safety Tips for Passengers

Taxis are getting more popular in recent years especially in India for its speed and more comfortable. So you can find many taxis easily from everywhere in India and here are some safety tips for those who are new for taxi travelling.


  • Avoid wearing costlier jewelleries and taking high amount of cash during taxi travel to make yourself safe, because thefting cash and jewelleries are the commonly occurred major issue among the taxi passengers or it is best to catch cabs by booking it with some available app for booking and taxi fare comparison.
  • Some of the taxis are not available for ride after 9.00 or 10.00 pm so if you tend to get a taxi after that time make sure that your taxi drive is not taking any drugs and if yes it is best to avoid those taxis.
  • Don’t speak out your important details like your credit card details, bank account details, phone number, savings and more.
  • Night travelling is such an amazing thing that everyone wants to do but it is not a best option for women when they are alone. So girls, avoid night travelling and if you are not supposed to avoid the travel then save the local police station number or a friend number in that local area.
  • It is not a wise option to have some important documents always with you that includes your license, passport, voter id and more.
  • It is must to check the working condition of taximeter as many drivers set their taximeters to heat up quickly to earn money.
  • To avoid these problems it is best to book taxis from the professional rental cab providers. Make use of taxi comparison app like Cabto to book those cabs and for taxi fare comparison.
  • Hope this article will help you to make your taxi ride as a safer one.

How do the Self balancing Scooters work?

The hoverboard is made up of the following components.

  1. Two gyroscopes
  2. Two electric motors
  3. Charging Port
  4. Two infrared sensors
  5. Power Switch and LED lights
  6. Logic Board

The self balancing scooter review will give you the clear detail of features and specification of the hoverboard. Based on the features of hoverboard the working principles may differ.
The Battery should be charged based on its capacity. The battery power and capacity are differing from brand to brand. But the maximum capacity used for hoverboard battery is 36V 4400mAH.
Logic Board:
The Logic Board is called as a brain of the hoverboard. The speed and the status of the board are computed by the processor. The logic board also controls the power management of hoverboard whether it is in beginning mode or locked.
The speed control boards and Gyroscope will receive information of rpms and tilt from the sensor which inside the wheel. If the hoverboard tilt is Zero and the gyroscopes are also Zero.
How the hoverboard detect movement?
By giving pressure on the wheel, the hoverboard will start moving. If the front switch is pushed down, it moves forward. An infrared sensor and an infrared LED is in-between the plastic wall.

As far as the sensor detects the light, hoverboard moves in the same direction. If the light gets interrupted, the logic board intimates the motor to spin in the same direction.

This article will give you a short description of how the hoverboard works. Swagway x1 scooter is the best product, based on reputation and manufacturing design.

Missed Call Balance Inquiry Number For Major Banks In India

In India, there are 165 banks are providing financial support for their account holders. After independence, Reserve Bank of India allows many private sector banks to start their services in India. In order to identify the branches of banks, RBI has issued unique 11 character Bank IFSC code. Similarly, all the branches have 9 digit MICR code for processing cheque. All banks are introducing new facilities and technology to provide safe and secure services for their account holders. We can check our account balance by missed call. In this post, I am going to list you Missed call inquiry number for 5 major public and private sector banks in India.

Missed Call Balance Inquiry Number:

Missed call balance inquiry number

Bank 1: Axis Bank.

Axis bank is the private sector bank providing financial support for their customers. There are 3527 branches of Axis bank and 12922 ATMs across the country. Get IFSC code of Axis bank for all the branches from

09225892258 is the toll free number to check balance inquiry. Call to this number from account registered mobile number. Call will be disconnected after a ring and you will receive account balance.

If that number is not working, use this number- 1800-419-5959 to get balance through SMS. To get mini statement use this number- 18004196969.

If you want to get bank account balance details in HINDI, Dial 18004195858 and for mini statement in HINDI dial-18004196868

Bank 2: Allahabad Bank.

Allahabad Bank is one of the famous and popular financial institution in India which is started in 1865 in Allahabad. Now the head quarter is in Kolkata. To check the account balance details dial this number. 09224150150.

Bank 3: PNB (Punjab National Bank)

Punjab National Bank is one of the biggest government owned public sector Bank in India. There are more than 8500 branches across the country. To check account balance, dial 18001802222 from your account registered mobile number. Call will be disconnect after the first ring and you will receive message.

Bank 4: ICICI bank

ICICI bank is the private sector bank, which established 4450 branches and 13797 ATMs across the country. To check the account balance Dial 02230256767. ICICI Bank IFSC Code is the 11 character code provided by RBI (Reserve Bank of Inida)

Bank 5: State Bank of India.

Toll free number to check the account balance is 1800112211 and 18004253800. If this number doesn’t work try (SBI Quick Service). To activate this service account holder should register first. This can be done by sending SMS (REG account number) to 09223488888.

Note: You have to send this SMS from account registered mobile Number.

Why I Have To Purchase YouTube Likes

Whenever you make a video with your hard work and want to gain popularity for that you have to gain some likes or views for it. But the question is how and why? Everybody wants that his or her videos become on the top of the page and spread virally over the net. Some people do many efforts for making their videos therefore they wants some attraction towards there videos.

Buy YouTube Likes

But your videos become viral only when people will watch it as many times they can but this is not possible until your videos should seen by them on the top of the YouTube page or in the relevant searches.
So, for that you have to buy YouTube likes or views.

What are the benefits to buy YouTube likes?

There are many benefits for buying YouTube likes and views, some of them are given here:

  • YouTube processes millions of searches in every month and after all it is the second search engine after Google and the first platform to watch or share videos.
  • More people watch your videos, more likes and comments you got which makes your videos popular and viral.
  • Your video’s views will effect on people’s mind whether they will watch your videos or not.
  • Low views on your videos will make no sense and people started to ignore it.
  • If you are a business performer you can sell your latest products sooner but if u have a good social media presence.
  • Your fan base will improve faster because we provide real human YouTube viewers.
  • Day by day hundreds or thousands of people will subscribe to your YouTube channel.
  • It also increases the chances of good, positive and relevant comments on your videos which also affects the views.
  • And you might be noticed by some production companies.

Why should you buy YouTube likes?

  • Buy YouTube likes is very important for your videos to become popular.
  • Increasing in your likes means people will enjoy your content on the videos you uploads.
  • We also say that YouTube likes are likely votes for your videos to become it viral.
  • Another advantage is that your lots of likes will attract the people to watch it.
  • Low like videos will lose in the crowd as people usually start ignoring these videos.

Does buy YouTube likes is safe?

Yes, it is safe to buy likes from reputable and popular sites or companies. The companies provided real human viewers to you. And the views remain permanent with your videos no spoofing is done with bigger or reputable sites.

The sites who provide likes and views at too cheaper cost might ditch you therefore you can choose only standard sites to buy YouTube views & likes.

Get IRCTC PNR Status

Going by Indian Railways is a pleasurable affair; particularly the delight related of spending your whole trek seeing the various scene, uneven territories, wonderful landscape, and so forth also the distinctive individuals fitting in with diverse standing and doctrine. It covers every significant town, towns and the urban communities. It is most likely an actuality that you can’t get a Railways booking affirmation unless you go for cutting edge bookings. All trains under Railways witness just about hundred for every penny inhabitance round the year. It transports more than 20 million travelers and more than 2 million tons of cargo regular from 6900 or more stations.

Get IRCTC PNR Status

To complete the railroad booking, you may visit the official site of Indian Rail. As previously stated don’t go for current bookings else you will need to defer the date of your adventure. Notwithstanding holding up rundown and “tatkal” reservation can’t promise you affirmed situates however most explorers depend on such railroad booking too.

Beginning its adventure in the year 1853, Indian Railways has accomplished innumerable points of reference till date, cutting a specialty as one of the biggest railroad systems on the planet. After some time, extra administrations were presented; worth saying is the front of different traveler courses, dynamite lodgings on wheels with five-star administrations. The providing food, tourism and online railroad reservation of the Indian Railways is attempted by the IRCTC (Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation). It is the assistant wing of Indian Railways.

Regardless of whatever data you need to have entry to, for example, the rundown of extravagance trains and destinations secured, rundown of trains, PNR status, courses, and the sky is the limit from there, There are likewise travel gateways that have tie-ups with the IRCTC encouraging online railroad booking as per the explorer’s accommodation. You can even complete a Railways Reservation online from your cellular telephone by means of GPRS or SMS.

Other than a bother free railroad booking, IRCTC additionally encourages travelers to deal with ticket cancelations or alterations on the web. Regardless of which a nation’s piece you need to go to, Indian Railways rightly fills your need.

Getting the train schedule status and PNR status for your IRCTC train ticket through versatile and other disconnected from the net means.

  • One choice is to introduce the authority irctc versatile application from irctcmobile(.)co(.)in. Download and utilize. It’s free and really simple to utilize.
  • Another alternative is to introduce the ngpay application which helps you to check the PNR status through you’re portable.
  • Another path is to call 139. They offer IVRS framework which asks your PNR number and lets you know the most recent status.
  • Presently a days all the portable administration suppliers in India has begun giving cautions for IRCTC PNR status. Simply contact your client look after more points of interest on that.
  • Indian native can likewise send to 58888 to get most recent IRCTC PNR status.
  • Last yet not minimal check for the automated machines in a few stations that uses intuitive touch innovation to give the status. This is currently basic in real stations all through India.

Why You Should Buy Traffic For Your Website

It makes sense that those people who are own organizations are always searching for approaches to develop their organizations. To encourage that development, numerous entrepreneurs have increase and continuous advertising crusades. One pattern of those crusades which has turned out to be progressively mainstream is the choice to buy web traffic. This can be an awesome approach to produce more deals straightforwardly through a site. Proprietors of destinations that offer items or administrations can exploit the increased number of visitors.


Since there is a for the most part an immediate relationship between the quantity of site visitors and the measure of offers, it bodes well to get more presentation. The advantage of more visitors may not generally come as moment deals, however it can even now at last enhance one’s business regardless. An entrepreneur may need to catch guest leads for future deals, for instance.

He or she may give away something to the new visitors with a specific end goal to change over the visit into a lead. For the site to exploit the visits, the guest would be committed to round out some essential data demands. In return, the guest gets some sort of free blessing. After that, the recently caught lead can be developed for different deals through the coming months and years.

Different organizations that are attempting to increase the shopper attention to a particular item name or brand name may decide to pay to build site visitors also. This technique could be an indispensable piece of a general advertising arrangement. Numerous organizations decide to acquaint themselves with the overall population, to a limited extent, by buying visits from a focused on traffic bunch. At the point when this is facilitated with differing endeavors, the technique can be entirely successful.

Moreover, focusing on specific sorts of traffic is one of the keys of this kind of showcasing. One who needs to buy visitors can pick particular focused on gatherings that fit a certain profile. This potential client profile may be a useful for a particular item or plan of action, for instance. Change rates from prospects to clients have a tendency to be fundamentally higher if the rundown is a decent match.

On the off chance that one needs to buy web traffic, now is as great a period as ever. More people are doing a higher rate of their data assembling and acquiring through the web. What’s more, there is by all accounts a far more extensive buyer acknowledgment of a mixed bag of web showcasing techniques. For some organizations, more site visitors result in more business achievement.

Numerous sites offer people the chance to buy hits and are accessible through the biggest web crawlers by means of an offering procedure which can be somewhat extravagant. By adding more people to the particular website page the general estimation of the webpage is improved. The result is a certain ascent in deals and with added worth one has the capacity get a considerable lot of cash on account of offering the site or area name.

The most effective method to go about buying web traffic for a specific webpage is not a simple one, numerous administrations are there to buy Internet traffic at cheap. Be extremely mindful regarding the matter of buying administrations as there are numerous organizations who case to convey yet don’t complete on this guarantee.

At the point when determining so as to settle on this choice start the quantity of people you should visit the site keeping in mind the end goal to create cash. Famous choices incorporate paying for pamphlet consideration through notices for your site. To buy traffic, guarantee that it originates from legitimate and solid web organizations. Whether you are a beginner or expert site engineer buying hits will increase your deals and pay

Get Kerala Weekly Lottery Prize Structure

Kerala Lottery publishes every day draw results online on its official site. There are seven lotteries organized by this institute. Every week lottery consist the definite ticket prize and definite winning amount. Now let us brief you about weekday’s lottery name and prize.

Get Kerala Weekly Lottery Prize Structure

Win-win Kerala Lottery

Win-win lottery draw is held every Monday of week. All weekly lottery draw time is 3.30 PM to 4.00 PM. Ticket prize starts just rupees 30 and honor the lucky winner by giving 65, 00,000 as winning amount.

Dhanshree Kerala Lottery

Same criteria followed here but the minor difference is that it is declared on the second day of week, Tuesday.

Akshaya Kerala Lottery

Akshaya Lottery draw is announced on the third day of week, Wednesday following the same prize structure.

Karunya Kerala Plus Lottery

Karunya plus Lottery is somewhat different to others. It is announced for people who are suffering from the chronic disease or possessing any physical disability. It has announced the ticket prize cost Rs. 50 and winner will pay huge amount of Rs.1 crore. This lottery is held for only medically ill persons to give them utmost facility to cure their diseases.

Bhagyanidhi Kerala Lottery

Bhagyanidhi Lottery announced every week Friday. Ticket prize is just Rs.30 and the lucky winner gets huge amount of 65,00,000.

Karunya Kerala Lottery

Karunaya lottery is held on every Saturday. Ticket cost for Karunya lottery is Rs.50 and winning amount is up to Rs.1 crore.

Pournami Kerala Lottery

Pournami lottery publishes draw on every Sunday. Ticket starts from 30Rs. and winner will get Rs. 65, 00, 000 in hand.

These are all the weekly Kerala lottery announces draw every day. Every week around 10 lakh ticket is sold. Imagine how big the follower group of lottery buyers is there. Kerala lottery enters the hope and faith in everyone’s life that they will win once.

Interact With People Who Will Work For You Before The SEO Campaign Starts

The email is the best communication medium when you contact a SEO company but it is always good to talk to the person through the phone call or in face to face meeting. You will get the real sense of a team which you will be working with.  You may not be talking to the salesperson but the person who is interacting can go to the process of contract execution.  You will not find something which is worse compared to hire a knowledgeable and charismatic leader but end up with the job that has been done by a junior team of the management.

SEO Campaign

Good relationship makes the work easier

While in the meeting or on the phone, you have to be sure that you have established the rapport with the person. If you are not able to feel comfortable at the personal level, you do not have to dismiss it. If you have a brilliant SEO but you are not able to work together, your job is not going to succeed.  Everyone can work easily with the person they have the relationship with and this may extend to the conscious and subconscious level.

“Even if some companies may not work on your email without having a signed contract, it is good if you can ask the company how they handle the problems or if it is an issue or not and the strategies they may recommend it”, says an SEO expert in Los Angeles from a reputed firm.  The company that talks about the some issues before the contract, it gives you the insight of how working with the company will be.

Compare quotes from different vendors to see where you have a good deal

Even if you may be sure that you are going to use a certain vendor, you have to make sure that you got the quote from more than just one vendor.  This will help you to have the scope discrepancies and pricing.  A quote from one vendor may have the information that one vendor has overlooked.  Considering only the prices can be hard because the price fluctuates in the business and the price may be based on the services offered.

You should never choose a SEO company by taking into account the price alone unless you have the problem with the budget.  SEO is normally an activity with high ROI and the company that it is able to spend more also tends to get more.

If you can afford it, ask a lawyer to review your contract. It is good to be aware of legal issues which may lead to problems afterwards. Even if you decide to continue with certain contract, after the lawyer points out the problems, you will easily prepare how to work around them.   If you have made your decision, you can move with the team that you feel is going to offer the results you want. However, it is always good to have enough information about the company you want to use

The Advantages of Classified Ads For A Small Business

Classified Ads are an easy and cheap way that small business can connect with the potential customers. It is the easiest way that you can let people know about your business if you do not have large budget for other types of advertising.  Many businesses have found out that they can easily afford classified advertising regardless if it is through print or online.

Classified Ads

Saving money and time

When you buy the classified advertisement, you will spend less on the advertisements compared to using other media such as TVs ads, radio and print.  There are also other Free classified india which let the business people to advertise free of charge. With the classified advertising, you are not supposed to create the ads on your own or to pay for a service of a creative agency so that they may develop an ad for you. Putting at the market a classified ads is easy like coming up with a short copy or supplying of the contact details. In case you are looking to design a complex ad, there are many websites and publications which are used to sell the classified ads assistance service.

Targeted audience

While using the ads, you will have a chance to focus the marketing on the areas where you wish to do your business and to reach the people who may buy the services and the goods from your business. You are going to place the print ads in the publications which are distributed in the locations that you are going to serve. There is not point to have to distribute the classified listing in the place where you are not interested to work or to sell to. Even if you are advertising online, this is not going to be an issue since you will specify the areas where you want your ad to be accessed. In case you are putting the Classified Ads in the local paper, ask the type of the readership for the paper to ensure that you are reaching the right demographic.

Easy access

Television and radio advertising ( Electronic classifieds )is good but it does not reach to the potential customers all the time. If a person has a plumbing problem and he needs to have it fixed at once, he is not going to turn the radio on and to wait until the ad comes on it.  However, when you have an online ad, they are going to search for you or to check in the printed newspaper.


There are some classified services which allow the potential customers to talk with the advertisers directly through the website. It means that if people are looking to buy services or goods that you are selling, they can make the inquiry by only tapping on the link and by using their smartphone. They can also send the emails by the use of their computers.

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